Antioxidants - Your body's house keepers!

Antioxidants shield the cells from free radicals and other substances that attempt to break them down. An example would be if you have a pole that has been outside for awhile and has turned to rust. This process is called “oxidation.” You can sand that pole and then spray it with zinc spray (an antioxidant). That pole will not rust any more.

In the same way, antioxidants provide a protective layer around the cell or the organism. This means you can insulate the cell (the basic unit of life) and protect it from all the things that will destroy it or cause it to be vulnerable to disease. If you can protect the cell, you can keep it safe and healthy, thus increasing the resistance to disease.

Increasing the resistance of a cell is called “immunity.” When the cell has become immune to its environment, we say it’s “immune.” The more you protect the cell, the better your immunity becomes. In other words, you can resist organisms, viruses, and bacteria. The wonderful thing is that there are no “side effects” with antioxidants.

If the cell is breaking down and becoming vulnerable, then that cell or that system or that part of the body becomes diseased. Your membranes and your tissues are usually your first line of defense. If they are damaged, they are vulnerable to attack. If you can stop the attack at the membrane level, the organisms can’t penetrate any deeper in the tissues.

With antioxidants at work, you’ve got protection. Doesn’t that protection give you peace? You’re not just a sitting duck.

This is something to get excited about! Remember, the stronger your immune system, the more protected the cell, and the less chance you have for infection or disease.

When your cells are being damaged by free radicals, you are aging prematurely. In other words, you are aging faster than you should because of the literal breakdown of the cells. Your cells are dying, and you are aging.

It has been shown that these antioxidants slow down or reverse the aging process to some degree.

Young cells are healthier cells. In-CELL-ated cells are healthier cells. Then they have a higher resistance and a higher immunity. This is the goal - trying to build up your immune system.

In-CELL-ate is the way to protect your cells from free radical damage.

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