Arthritis treatments

So many people today are suffering needlessly from arthritis pain. They have joint restrictions, muscle tightness, spasms, lack of mobility, and a variety of other pain syndromes.

They look for arthritis treatment in a bottle, pill, or drug formula to give them relief. What most people have never stopped to consider is the fact that none of these arthritis treatments address the cause.

CAUSE 1 - Mechanical irritations (such as joints binding or degeneration from overwork, old injuries, etc.) sometimes cause inflammation and pain in the joints.

CAUSE 2 - Antibiotic treatments and chlorinated drinking water are sometimes at fault. The good bacteria are destroyed in the colon, producing an overgrowth of yeast. The yeast then bore through the bowel into the bloodstream, leaving small holes in the bowel lining. Proteins from the food leak out into the system (a condition called “leaky gut syndrome”) causing joint accumulation, which leads to joint pain and arthritis.

CAUSE 3 - Toxins build up in the system and accumulate in the joint linings and cause inflammation and pain.

CURE - Reasonable arthritis treatment that addresses the cause of the disease and not just a temporary fix:

1. DeTox - Helps flush the buildup of toxins accumulated in the joints.

2. In-CELL-ate - Helps protect the linings from further damage
as well as speed the healing process.

3. Joint Compound - Helps the body repair the joints of old and new injuries and stop the inflammation.

Using these products in combination also heals the lining in the gut and helps prevent “leaky bowel syndrome.”

Featured Products :

Arthritis Treatment

Joint Compound

Joint Compound
Nutrient compounds that help to rebuild and repair damaged joints while also eliminating the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis and muscle irritation.

Our Approach, Your Health

The Hannen Health approach combines a Bible-Based understanding of healthcare helping each one reach optimum health, instead of using a Quick-Fix, just treat the symptom solution.  Hannen Health identifies the imbalances that are causing your unpleasant symptoms!

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