Stop The Pain: The Six To Fix

    Tools for tapping into your body's natural healing mechanisms
    Natural strategies to eliminate pain from your body
    Ways to maintain you God-given health and much more   



Healing By Design



Unlocking Your Body's Potential To Heal Itself, written by Dr. Scott Hannen, Chiropractic Physician who now devotes his full time to Pastorate and Ministry.




The world system is currently training you to be sick. Are you still participating?
Radically restore your body’s health by tapping its built-in healing mechanisms.
With these books, learn how your system works, how take control of your healing and how to maintain your God-given health like never before.
It doesn’t matter if the problem is a chronic degenerative condition, trauma, childhood obesity, ADHD, a neurological problem or any other type of disease. The body has the ability to heal itself if proper balance can be restored.

Our bodies were designed with natural mechanisms to restore a damaged area and to maintain an overall state of optimum health. There is only damage to the body to the extent that the body is unable to repair itself. Healing is by design, Stop the Pain now!

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