Cancer prevention and risk reduction, information you don’t hear from your doctor.

Concerning Cancer Prevention have you ever heard the statement… "We don't know what causes cancer"?
Physicians will tell you we don't know what causes cancer, so therefore cannot tell you about cancer preention.

We do not need to be scientists or doctors to know what causes cancer; we need to be able to read and think logically.

Cancer prevention starts with a change in the way we view what causes it. Have you heard the stories of the soldiers that went to Vietnam and were exposed to a toxic substance? What was this substance? A chemical, called Agent Orange. And what did these soldiers develop…Cancer! How about…"Don't eat the fish from this lake" Why?

Because of chemical pollution!

Do you or someone in your family use the little pink packs to sweeten their drinks? There is an alarming statement on the label…"May cause cancer". What is in the pack…a chemical!

When foreign substances i.e. chemicals are taken into our body through either foods, drink, pollution, exposure to radiation and exposure to other dangerous materials, your body has to deal with them.

These substances must be denatured and broken down into a form that can be excreted. If the body is unable to discharge these materials they either are left to clog the filter pathways, or they are expelled back into the bloodstream to be collected and stored in the fat cells.

Would it be reasonable to say we should make every effort to keep these chemicals from collecting in our body and exposing ourselves to their cancer causing effects?

Chemo-therapy(chemicals) and Radiation-therapy(radiation) are the two treatments of choice in medicine today. And what did we say causes cancer - chemicals and radiation.
Makes sense to about you?

There are classes of herbs and plants that have no side effects yet are highly effective for eliminating toxins that are known to cause cancer when used for natural detox and thusly cancer prevention. Read more here about cleaning your filters and cancer prevention.

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