Hannen Health talks about Children's Vitamins "Not Candy"

Does your child need children’s vitamins?

The average breakfast for a child today consists of a pop tart or sweetened cereal and a glass of milk. You may ask, “What is wrong with that?”. It sounds pretty harmless. However, there are entire books written on the harmful effects of pasteurized, homogenized (dead) milk. Milk allergies and sensitivities in children are highly prevalent, and most parents never figure it out.

Example, a child in kindergarten who was drawing a picture of a house. He was very docile, relaxed, and well behaved.
He was given a glass of milk to drink; and 15 minutes later, it looked like a “Jekyll and Hyde” movie. The child went crazy. He started scratching his crayons across the paper violently. His entire demeanor had changed. He became irritated and appeared to be hyperactive. It was the most unbelievable thing I had ever seen.

It is important to understand that sugar is a drug (a stimulant). It is like rocket fuel! After viewing this video, I realized that you cannot send a child to school after feeding them a pop tart or sweetened cereal and a glass of milk (Jekyll-Hyde potion) and expect them to be calm, cool, and collected.

The terms ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper-activity Disorder) and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) have become normal household and classroom words. It is an epidemic. Of course, the pharmaceutical companies are there to save the day with drugs like Ritalin (a prescription medication with a patent and a large profit built into the sale). What is wrong with this picture?

A child is sent to school full of rocket fuel and Jekyll-Hyde potion. The child cannot be disciplined for wrongdoing. The teacher is prohibited from teaching him basic principles such as The Ten Commandments. So, they drug him, and everyone is okay with that. Come on! Something is very wrong! That solution does not seem “reasonable” to me. Does it to you?

Let’s really expose the situation even more. They now have full-time evaluators who test these children for these disorders. If tested positive, the pressure is overwhelming on the parents to immediately comply and put the child on drugs. What is worse is that it seems no one is doing anything about it. That is really scary!

Most of the foods kids are consuming are refined. “Refined” simply means that a whole food product is broken down into foodstuff and separated from the part that gives it life so that it will last longer on the shelf. The result is lifeless food, void of nutrients that the body metabolizes and uses for fuel. The refining process strips out many of the essential vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and other nutrients needed for proper maintenance of the body. The body in turn lacks the missing nutrients, thereby creating deficiency.

When a body becomes deficient, its appetite is not satisfied, so it craves more food to try to make up for the loss (seen any overweight kids lately?).

Just as we adults need to supplement our deficient diets with the nutrients our body needs, so do our kids. Start your kids on the road to health and maximize their potential by giving them the children’s vitamins they need.

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