Colon Cleanse

Dr Hannen talks about Colon Cleanse Did you know that ailments such as chronic degenerative diseases, cancer, heart disease, lack of energy, premature aging, memory loss, poor eyesight, and wrinkles call all be contributed to or related to an unhealthy digestive tract (which includes the colon)?

If you are not having at least one bowel movement per day, unwanted wastes are collecting in your colon. These materials can consist of food wastes, chemicals, toxins, parasites, free radicals, dead tissue, and other undesirable substances. When these substances come into contact with and are allowed to remain in the colon, damage occurs.

Collecting in the colon, these toxins begin to seep back into the bloodstream. The blood feeds every cell in your body. Therefore, when your colon is exposed to these toxins, your whole body is exposed.

What does Colon Therapy do for your colon?

Psyllium - Bulking agent to pull water into the bowel to make stool a soft consistency to avoid straining. This can help prevent hemorrhoids, diverticula, or aneurisms.

Flaxseed Mucilage - Coats and lubricates the bowel, which helps transit time to prevent carcinogens from being held against the colon wall.

Alfalfa - Cleans the smearing of the colon by removing the toxins that cause many of the allergies people experience today.

Caprylic Acid - Kills yeast and bad bacteria.

Grapefruit Seed - Assists caprylic acid in killing yeast and bacteria.

Fructooligosaccharides - Promotes growth of the good bacteria.

Spanish Black Radish - Relaxes the colon, cleanses the upper G.I. tract, and increases secretion. Also stimulates digestive enzymes that help us absorb vitamins.

Aloe Vera - Helps heal the compete digestive system.

MG and B12 - Help rid toxins (metals, chemicals, etc.) from the body.

Start your colon cleanse today with Colon Therapy!
Your whole body will be healthier!

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