Life is in the blood...

The basic living unit of the body is the cell, and each organ is an accumulation of many different cells held together by intracellular supporting structures. Each type of cell is specifically adapted to perform one particular function.

For instance, the red blood cells (25 trillion in all) transport oxygen from the lungs to the tissues. Though this type of cell is perhaps the most abundant, there are approximately another 50 trillion cells.

Life is in the blood...The entire body then contains about 75 trillion cells. Almost all cells have the ability to reproduce, and whenever cells of a particular type are destroyed from one cause or another, the remaining cells of this type divide again and again until the appropriate number is replenished.

About 56 percent of the human body is fluid. Though most of this fluid is inside the cells and is called intracellular fluid, about one-third is in the spaces outside the cells and is called extra-cellular fluid. This extra-cellular fluid is in constant motion throughout the body, being rapidly transported by the blood circulation. It is then mixed between the blood and the tissue fluid by diffusion through the capillary walls.

In the extra-cellular fluid are ions and nutrients needed by the cells for maintenance of cellular life. Therefore, all cells live in essentially the same environment. The extra-cellular fluid is called the internal environment of the body, or the milieu int’erieur, a term introduced 100 years ago by the great 19th century French physiologist Claude Bernard.

Cells are capable of living, growing, and providing their special functions so long as the proper concentrations of oxygen, glucose, the different ions (vitamins and minerals), amino acids, and the fatty substances are available in this internal environment.

A large portion of the blood pumped by the heart also passes through the walls of the gastrointestinal organs (the stomach and intestines). Here, different dissolved nutrients (including carbohydrates, fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals) are absorbed into the extra-cellular fluid (internal environment). These nutrients are supplied from the foods we eat.

From this, we can assume that in order to produce healthy cells (the basic units of life), one must also supply them with an adequate amount of these nutrients.

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