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What if we told you that you were looking at healthcare the wrong way? Do you consider natural healing as alternative healthcare? Do you consider natural healing to be out of date because of the technology and modern medicine available today?

Hannen Health and Your Natural HealingTruthfully, natural healing is the way we should be looking at healthcare as opposed to the Allopathic symptom-based “reliefcare” of today.

Where did you learn about healthcare? Was it in grammar school, high school, or college? Do you watch television? Can you complete the following phrases? “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz _____(oh, what a relief it is)” , or “How do you spell relief? (Rolaids), or “Tums are for the _______(tummy)”

It has taken billions of dollars and lots of time and effort to get you to the point where you can complete those phrases without even thinking, thus programming you for “reliefcare.” You can’t stop it; the thought is imprinted into your brain. You tell yourself to go to the package, the bottle, the poison, and the chemicals to get rid of your ailment.

Thanks to modern medicine, we can get that relief from the cute, convenient, childproof package.

There’s just one catch - it’s short-lived relief, and we have to go back and get another package. We are left with our original ailment. This cycle causes us to buy into their system.

When you take these drugs and man-altered substances, they are chemicals to your body. These chemicals are formed to do a specific task, and some do it well.

However, what the drug makers don’t normally tell you (unless required by law) is that these chemicals have effects on other parts of the body.

These “side effects” are very seldom beneficial; in fact, they can be life threatening. If you have “side effects,” reliefcare prescribes another chemical to alleviate that symptom, without ever addressing the root cause of the ailment.

Natural healing takes a different approach. It looks at the body as a complete unit, where organs and systems are all intertwined.

It does not treat each organ or system as an island. It believes healing is built into the body and looks for ways in which nature can assist in the proper working of the body’s system.

We know you are probably telling yourself, “I have this symptom or that problem, and my doctor says I have to take these prescriptions and live with the situation.” It is true that there is not magic pill or potion to make everything right, but natural healing believes that if we give the body the tools it needs, it will heal and repair itself.

You can start today to give your body the tools it needs. Here’s how to get started. There are three core things that we need to do the help our body achieve and maintain a healthy state: Feed the cell, Cleanse the Cell, and Protect the Cell.

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Daily Essentials

Feed Your Cells
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Cleanse Your Cells
A complex combination of herbal drainage remedies that help cleanse the body's five main filters (liver, kidneys, spleen, lymphatics, lungs and the airways). more...

Colon Therapy

Cleanse Your Colon
An intestinal cleaning fiber complex that cleanses the colon gently, removing unwanted toxins safely through the bowel. more>>


Protect Your Cells
Contains nutrient complexes that dramatically boost the immune system. Contains natural compounds shown scientifically to resist over 60 major diseases. more>>

Healing by Design
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Healing by Design"Healing by Design" Unlocking Your Body's Potential To Heal Itself, written by Dr. Scott Hannen, Chiropractic Physician who now devotes his full time to Pastorate and Ministry.

The world system is currently training you to be sick. Are you still participating?
Radically restore your body’s health by tapping its built-in healing mechanisms.

With "Healing by Design" Learn how your system works, how take control of your healing and how to maintain your God-given health like never before.

...unlock your body's potential to heal itself with Healing by Design ...

It doesn’t matter if the problem is a chronic degenerative condition, trauma, childhood obesity, ADHD, a neurological problem or any other type of disease. The body has the ability to heal itself if proper balance can be restored.

Our bodies were designed with natural mechanisms to restore a damaged area and to maintain an overall state of optimum health. There is only damage to the body to the extent that the body is unable to repair itself. Healing is by design.

Our Approach, Your Health

The Hannen Health approach combines a Bible-Based understanding of healthcare helping each one reach optimum health, instead of using a Quick-Fix, just treat the symptom solution.  Hannen Health identifies the imbalances that are causing your unpleasant symptoms!

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