Nutritional Sports Supplements

Nutritional sports supplements are being safely used more today than ever before. Artificial sports supplements (steroids) have been shown to be very destructive, causing liver and kidney damage, as well as cancer. Today with new extraction techniques, we have access to naturally occurring plant compounds such as beta-sitosterols that have demonstrated dramatic improvement in muscle growth and stamina.

These compounds (sterols) including beta-ecdysterone have several positive side effects, such as improved liver, kidney, heart, and immune system function.

Nutritional Sports SupplementsThese are very desirable side effects, wouldn’t you say? Instead of being at risk of dangerous negative side effects (as with the artificial steroids), we have a product that produces the desired positive effects without any risk of negative side effects.

How do these nutritional sports supplements work? If one can increase the rate of protein production in the cells and their capacity for this protein, the result will be larger, stronger muscles.

This is exactly what scientific research has shown the beta-ecdysterone complex to accomplish without negative side effects.

How potent are these nutritional sports supplements when compared to synthetic steroids?

Beta-ecdysterone has shown to be as potent as the synthetic Dianabol for increasing muscle mass and more potent for increasing physical endurance and stamina.

Not only does this compound boost the muscle-building capacity, but it increases the length of the safe training period, maintaining a high level of energy while trimming the production of lactic acid.

It has also been noted that there is an almost 50 percent reduction in triglycerides, a lowering of blood sugar levels. This in turn reduces the incidence of excessive blood fats, which can lead to heart disease.

All of these benefits occur without any indication of increased hormonal activity.

Protocols has developed a nutritional sports supplement called "Beta Builder."


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