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Stay Healthy Whole Food Diet

God made every food complete and balanced, full of nutrients and enzymes necessary to digest themselves and accomplish their purpose in the body. This diet is about getting back to eating the foods the body was designed to eat. Nutrition and the way the body responds to it has not changed since the Garden of Eden. We need to consume whole foods, unchanged by man's attempts to package, preserve or change them for convenient usage.

The basic rule on things to eat is…

This diet takes us away from the destructive eating habits of the world and offers us a healthy lifestyle based of the perfect provision of God. We have to get away from the chemical infested, refined, nutrient deficient, dead foods. Whole foods are full of life and vital nutrients.


Eat whole foods as they exist in nature before man's intervention.

Eat a variety of foods.

This Includes:

It's that simple!


*A convenient way to shop for this diet is to stay around the outside perimeter of your grocery store. Here is where you will find your whole fruits, vegetables, meats ,dairy, etc All of those middle aisles are full of altered foods.


Final Comments:

It's time to come out from the bondage to food. We aren't designed to live to eat. Instead, we eat to live. By eating this way, your body will thank you by rewarding you with health and more energy.

Get the concept, be consistent, and stay committed!

Good Health is a Way of Life!

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, or replace necessary medical care. We recommend that you consult with your physician before taking any product or starting any diet.
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