Stroke Prevention

Protect yourselves from strokes

Stroke prevention is best obtained through diet modification and supplementation intervention.

Stroke PreventionThe medical system primarily focuses on early detection instead of prevention

Strokes are the number 3 killer in America today, next only to Heart Disease and Cancer. Stroke prevention continues to be a sought after topic in our society.

The way to prevent any disease process in the body is to first understand the mechanisms by which the process begins. The breaking away of plaque built up on the blood vessel walls that produce blood clots are the primary causes for strokes.

Science teaches us that saturated and partially hydrogenated fats are the main culprits that cause this build up of plaque and should be avoided if at all possible in our diet. High fiber and dark green leafy vegetables also help reduce the incident of plaque build up as well. When eating meats they should be lean with the excess fats drained away. Fish high in Omega3 fatty acids (Salmon, Bluefish etc.) should be eaten two to three times per week.

In addition to these diet modifications antioxidants should be taken regularly to prevent oxidation in the system as well as naturally thin the blood secretions.

Incellate is our antioxidant product and is one of the most powerful, full spectrum antioxidant formulas. It includes vitamin, mineral, and herbal antioxidants in combination.

If you are taking a prescription blood thinner and wish to take Incellate you should consult with your physician to establish your dosage, otherwise 2-4 capsules per day with meals would be the recommended dose.

Daytime and Nighttime Take it Off formulas are also recommended because they contain natural oral chelation agents. This simply means that these compounds help prevent plaque buildup as well as breaking down the substances that build the plaque and cause it to build up thus providing stroke prevention.


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