CLEANSE THE CELL –Your body has filters

Liver , Lungs , Spleen , Kidney , Lymphatic System

After reading and understanding the basic organ functions above, one can begin to establish a working knowledge of how the body consumes and disperses the vital nutrients that keep it alive and healthy.

The next few paragraphs may save your life!

Following is a basic explanation of what happens when you eat. The food enters your mouth and while you are still chewing it immediately starts to break down. It is digested and broken down by the gastrointestinal tract into absorbable nutrients. The blood circulates through the gastrointestinal tract and picks up those nutrients and escorts them throughout the bloodstream.
Some of these nutrients are then changed into usable forms by the liver and kidney and are sorted for storage or release.

These nutrients are also transported to the body’s internal environment where they can be ingested by the hungry cells. Any unwanted leftovers (cellular debris, antigens, or other circulating waste) are sent through the liver, kidneys, spleen, and lymphatic system (or peripheral circulation) where it can be properly discarded from the body (usually via the bowel and urinary system).

If any one of these filtering organs or systems is not functioning properly, the entire body may suffer an accumulation of toxins. This can lead to extensive cell damage, symptoms, sickness, and disease. It can also prevent the body from absorbing nutrients, thus depriving the cells of proper nutrition. This, too, can lead to deficiencies that produce cell damage, symptoms, weight gain, sickness, and disease.

By understanding these fundamental workings of the body, it seems obvious that providing adequate nutrients (vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, enzymes, etc.) and maintaining proper filtration would lead to optimal health, thus greatly diminishing sickness and disease.

A good everyday illustration is that we clean filters in our cars, swimming pools, and air conditioners. We do this in order to keep the accumulation of waste from choking the life out of the motors. We usually accomplish this by some form of flushing. The organs we have just learned about also serve as filters for our body.

Just like our cars, swimming pools, and air conditioners, we also need to flush the filters in our body. Otherwise, they too become clogged and we become sick.

The last thing we want is to have waste products (toxins, chemicals, cellular debris, metals, bacteria, yeast, viruses, etc.) accumulating in these filtering systems.


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